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Kurt and I love to travel. We spend many vacations in Europe. In 2006, we branched out and spent half a day in Africa - Egypt to be specific. A list of places we've been is below. It may not be a complete list. But we'll try to keep it updated as much as possible.

When on vacation we, of course, take several pictures. The pictures are on Flickr. Vacations through May '06 have fallen off the virtual world. We will have these pictures back up as soon as possible. Vacations starting in November '06 are here. Or you can go directly to an album by clicking its link below.

If you view the slideshow, be sure to click the "i" in the center to show the name and description of each picture.

August, 1997Boston, Massachusetts
April, 1999Montreal, Canada
October, 2001Vermont, USA
October, 2002England, Germany, & France
May, 2003San Francisco, California
November, 2003Ty Pennington Book Signing at JR's Dallas
November, 2003Carribbean Cruise
November, 2004Carribbean Cruise
May, 2005Paris, France
November, 2005Maui, Hawaii
May, 2006Mexico City, Mexico
November, 2006Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, Cyprus, & Greece - Part 1
Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, Cyprus, & Greece - Part 2
October, 2007Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City, Canada
October, 2008Mau'i, Hawai'i
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