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As you already know from our main page, Kurt and I met at a local Albertson's grocery store on June 16, 1996. His family immediately welcomed me with open arms. Kurt has one sister, Laura. Her husband is Roger; and they have a son (Kurt's nephew, Preston). I am known to Preston, too, as Uncle Jason. Ah.... Brings a tear to my eye... Preston is an only child, thus he is always the center of attention - and he knows it!! He's a precious boy and a great nephew to both of us!! Kurt's grandmother, Estelle, lives with Kurt's mother, Susan. His biological family lives here in the Dallas area. Kurt's father, Larry, lives elsewhere.

My family (Jason's) all reside here in the Dallas area, too. My oldest sibling, Judy, is married to Brit. Their oldest child, Josh, is a great guy. Britney is the youngest, and is a sweet little girl. The next sibling is Janine. Moving right along..... The next one is my brother James, whose wife is JoAnne. They, too, have two children - both girls, Jessica and Jasmine. Both kids are beautiful people. The last child in my family is me - 7 years from the next oldest, my brother. I know - sounds odd... I asked my mother if I was a mistake. She said, "No. You're a gift." I think she pulled that one from page 137 of the Answers to Give Your Children book. Ha ha ha.


Our friends are even more wonderful. Kurt and I have great fiends!! A friend I have known the longest is my buddy, Eddie. I met Eddie when he and I worked together at an area amusement park. He and his partner, David, currently live in Manhattan. We see them as often as possible. But with busy work lives, it's sometimes hard to get up there as often as we'd like. Two other great friends are Shane and Daryl. Shane is the person who helped me "come out" in 1991. He also helped me with dealing with my family. Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't for him in my life at just the right time, where would I be now? He's a great friend. Daryl is also a great person. He and I have known each other since January, 1990. I met Daryl through Eddie. Daryl also worked for the same amusement park.

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